1. Future Health, LLC may provide offers to purchase your life insurance policy however, the policy owner shall reach his/her/its own decision and is free to accept or decline any offer.

  2. Future Health, LLC does not provide legal, tax, financial, investment and accounting advice and encourages that such advice should be obtained from the appropriate parties to determine, in part, whether the life settlement transaction is more beneficial to the policy owner than other potentially available options.

  3. Some or all of the proceeds of the life settlement may be taxable under federal income tax and/or state franchise and income tax laws. Future Health, LLC is not a tax advisor and recommends that the policy owner consult his own professional tax advisor regarding this transaction.

  4. Life settlement proceeds could be subject to the claims of creditors.

  5. The policy owner, and not Future Health, LLC, is fully responsible for the timely payment of any and all premiums due for the policy that is the subject of the life settlement transaction, on the applicable due dates, up until change of ownership of the policy occurs. The policy owner, not Future Health, LLC, assumes sole responsibility if the policy lapses for such lack of timely payment of any and all premiums.

  6. After entering into a life settlement contract, the policy owner may have a limited time period that will be specified within the contract to rescind (cancel) the transaction (known as the “rescission period”). Please review the life settlement contract carefully for such time period, if any.

  7. It is illegal for any person to knowingly present false information in an application for insurance or a life settlement contract.

* Future Health, LLC is providing the above disclosures for informational and educational purposes only.

The disclosures above are not an exhaustive list to consider upon selling a life insurance policy as a life settlement.